FloLogic Smarter Water Control

Flologic Smart Leak Control System

FloLogic®, the premium plumbing leak control system that guards against water damage and water waste


Meet FloLogic®, the premium plumbing leak control system that guards against water damage and water waste.

Water Leak Facts



Water is a leading cause of  property damage every year, a far more likely threat than fire and theft combined.

FloLogic System Features




FloLogic won’t interrupt normal water use—the System operates out of sight and mind until there’s a leak. The Wi-Fi module uses a secure cloud connection for IOS and Android app-based alerts and control.  Only FloLogic’s exclusive EverWatch™ technology is capable of constantly detecting leaks starting as small as 1/2 ounce per minute (one tablespoon-per-minute). It is the trusted and preferred brand among home insurers, plumber and security professionals


FloLogic is available in 1″ (50 GPM), 1.5″ (100 GPM) and 2″ (200 GPM) configurations. It features fully adjustable flow sensitivity and flowtime settings for maximum protection. The waterproof valve assembly (IP68) allows for both indoor and outdoor installations. It can be installed vertically or horizontally in up or down orientations. And it has standard home security connections as well as irrigation, water softener and pool fill integrations to avoid false alarms. 


The patented valve auto exercise feature ensures the valve closes when called upon. FloLogic comes with a best-in-category standard five-year warranty. It features solid, lead-free, cast bronze construction with a full-port stainless steel ball—made in the USA. The FloLogic System is listed with UL, cUL, UPC, and cUPC. It is certified to NSF 61-8 with a pressure drop similar to one 90 degree pipe turn. FloLogic has an integrated manual override. And if AC power is interrupted, the system battery provides power for up to seven days.

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